Effects of Globalization in the Philippines – part 1

Globalization refers to the process of global integration of the economies of nations by allowing the unrestricted flow of goods, services, investments and currencies between countries. For example, apparent conversion of agricultural lands to shopping malls or other commercial establishments such as condominium units which are prevalent in Metro Manila areas and nearby provinces. One good reason for this rapid conversion might be, because Philippines is an open country, Koreans, Chinese and some other races chose to stay here. Factors that could entice them to stay would be:  (1) low cost of living, (2) an opportunity for them to study in a private school with high standard quality of education, (3) most of them are business-owners here, and (4) properties/investments are cheaper than other countries. This openness on the one hand, enabled the Philippines to weather the energy crisis, alleviate poverty at least and spurred economic development.

But this increasing conversion of lands led to many drawbacks – resulted to less space for farming and thus a lack of opportunity for farmers. Those who only know farming becomes unemployed, while the new owners of land will be able to generate wealth from this. Moreover, we become less self-sufficient for our own rice supply and have to resort to massive importation of rice from neighboring countries. Nation states pursued to globalization in the hope that this would lead to prosperity. Unfortunately, such developments have often accompanied by increasing social and environmental destruction. For instance, Metro Manila areas are easily flooded because fewer trees are visible nowadays; buildings are like mushroom being constructed. Indeed, this helps for more employment to our jobless constituents but we cannot escape the negative impacts of this change. It’s like a two-way process where the positive and negative results should be expected, it’s up to government what are the measures should be undertaken to mitigate the risks.


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